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Classroom Placement

Classroom Placement Process

Class lists are created with input from this years’ classroom teachers, the school based team, non-enrolling support staff, and admin. The team considers the overall learning environment of each classroom as well as the following factors:

- Registration numbers at each grade level.
- Contractual considerations (class size, etc.)
- Gender balance, where possible
- Ensuring students with additional learning needs are appropriately placed
- Social-emotional concerns
- Parental input concerning their child’s learning. Please note, we do not consider requests for “favourite teachers” as we believe all teachers can become the child’s next favourite teacher once they are in the class.

**All parental input must be in writing (there is a form in the office) so please do not approach this year’s teacher to make a request for placement.

*** All parent requests will be considered but unfortunately, we may not be in a position to act on your request as we are placing approximately 500 students, each with a myriad of needs.