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News: Monday, December 11th, 2017

Margaret Stenersen Christmas Concert Information 2017

2017 Margaret Stenersen Christmas Concert Information

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Abbotsford Arts Centre (2329 Crescent Way).


Concert Details:

-The Dress Rehearsal is at 11:00am, with doors opening at 10:45am and relocked again at 11:00am sharp.  The staff of the Abbotsford Arts Centre will allow you to be seated as soon as our first rehearsal is finished…Please be patient!  Grandparents, large families, and younger siblings are very welcome to attend the dress rehearsal, and no tickets are needed.

-The Evening Concert is at 6:30pm, with doors opening for seating at 6:00pm and relocked again at 6:40 sharp.  Each family will receive two tickets to this show which are required to get in to the theatre.

-Classrooms inside Abby Senior Secondary are being used for each class and teacher (to the left of the theatre). Please drop your child off at the assigned classroom between 5:55-6:10pm (no earlier!); signs will be posted on the doors of the school with classroom numbers and teacher names. CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTS ARE LISTED BELOW.  Please note, all Kindergarten classes and Mme Arseneau’s class will be in the Abby Arts Addition, NOT Abby Sr.  This is located to the right of the theatre.

-Dismissal of all students will occur from the classrooms in the high school your child was originally dropped off at.  Please meet your child at their assigned room after the show.

-All actors and curtain controllers must be dropped off, in costume, with Mme Beattie or Mrs. Hewitt at 5:55pm at the main entrance to the theatre.

Ticket Details:

-Due to the limited amount of seating available at the Abbotsford Arts Centre, and our ever-growing student population, only two tickets per family are initially issued (this also applies to families with step-parents).  Tickets will be available for adults to pick up from their eldest child’s teacher from Dec. 11 to Dec. 13 (instead of being sent home with students and getting lost in backpacks!).  You may e-mail your child’s teacher to have them sent home at your own risk.  Tickets not picked up by 3:00pm on Wednesday, December 13th will be redistributed to families seeking extra tickets on Dec. 14 and 15.

Need more than two tickets per family?

1. Come watch the dress rehearsal.  No tickets are necessary and all family members (step-parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.) and friends are welcome.  The dress rehearsal begins at 11:00am, with doors opening at 10:45am.

2. Place your name on a waiting list for extra tickets with Mrs. Pratt in the office.  Extra tickets will be distributed in order of request with a maximum of two extra tickets per family.  Extra tickets will be available for pick up beginning Thursday, December 14th at the office.

3. A reminder that younger siblings MAY NOT be seated on laps in the theatre, due to fire regulations, and that food or drinks are not allowed in the theatre.

4. All people entering the theatre must have their own ticket.  No ticket = no entry.



In the Abby Arts Addition (small gym), located to the right of the theatre when facing it:

Mme Beattie

Mrs. Beacon

Miss Nagra/Mrs. Chappell

Mme Arseneau/Mme Schwab

On the 3rd floor of Abby Senior Secondary School, located to the left of the theatre when facing it:

Mme Richards/Mme Buffett-A301

Mme Ingham-A300

Mme Wismer-R301

Mme Ingram-R300

Mr. Holden-R303

Mrs. Franklin-R304

On the 2nd floor of Abby Senior Seconary School, located to the left of the theatre when facing it:

Mrs. Evans-A208

Mrs. O’Sullivan-A207

Mrs. Hewitt-A209

Mrs. Lang-A211

Mme Penner-R203

Mme Schulz-R204

Mr. Minhas-A204

Ms. Samuel-A203

Mrs. Hautakoski-R200

Mrs. Goerzen/Mrs. Johanson-R201