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May 4 - 8 is Stenersen “Education Staff” Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated the first full week of May each year. Teacher Appreciation Day is celebrated on the Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation Week, which will be May 5th. At Stenersen, all staff play important roles in educating our kids. And as such we want to appreciate all of them this week. With Stenersen Staff mostly at home, rather than at school, it’s not as easy to deliver tokens of appreciation. Please consider sending a word, picture or video to them to show how much we care. Also, feel free to share your token of appreciation with us so we can share it with the community. What do you appreciate most about your teacher? What is something an EA or Support Worker has said or done that has really stuck with you? If you were to pick a song that represents your teacher, what would it be and why

This week’s challenge can include:

1. Making a personal thank you video.

​Go to and press the Green Button to start. All videos are moderated and checked before they can be viewed.

2. Creating a voice recording. 

If you don’t have the means, or if you’re are a little camera-shy, creating a voice recording to say thank you is just as meaningful. Letting teachers hear their student’s voices is a very personal way to thank them for all of their hard work.

3. Sending an E-Card.  

There are a variety of websites that you can use to send a digital card or video to your child’s teacher, including Teacher Appreciation Day cards on Hallmark.

If you want to send us photos or videos to include in next week's bulletin, please send to