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Art Starts - Axé Capoeira

Capoeira (“kap-oo-ay-rah”) is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that combines music, self-defence, dance, acrobatics, and physical conditioning to create a unique, multidisciplinary experience. The art form was created over 400 years ago in Brazil, developed by African slaves as a form of recreation and self-defence against the Portuguese colonizers. In order to conceal what they were doing. The slaves disguised their martial art as a benign art form, adding in elements of dance, music, and later, acrobatics. As a result, capoeira is one of the most inherently diverse martial arts in the world today with creativity, music, self-expression, and strategic thinking as much a part of the core curriculum as physical training and fitness. Themes: Unity & teamwork are the themes that resonate and are weaved throughout the performance Message: Collaboration and communication are fundamental keys to success 

Location: Stenersen Gym