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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Div Email
Mrs. Amy Leclair ELL
Ms. Patti Evans English Grade 1 09
Ms. Teresa O'Sullivan English Grade 1 10
Mrs. Annemarie Hautakoski English Grade 1/2 08
Mrs. Megan Hewitt English Grade 2 07
Mrs. Sarah Goerzen English Grade 2/3 06
Mrs. Irene Johanson English Grade 2/3 06
Mr. Philip Holden English Grade 3 05
Mrs. Jill Barkess English Grade 3/4 4
Mrs. Lynn Lang English Grade 3/4 04
Mrs. Pam Franklin English Grade 4 03
Ms. Joanne Samuel English Grade 4/5 02
Mr. Sweeter Minhas English Grade 5 01
Mrs. Stephanie Beacon English Kindergarten 12
Judith Chapell English Kindergarten 11
Ms. Jaskamal Nagra English Kindergarten 11
Mrs. Rajvinder Dulay English Learning Support Services (LSS)
Mrs. Paula Garris English Learning Support Services (LSS)
Mme Amee Penner French Immersion Grade 1 19
Mme Raelynne Schulz French Immersion Grade 1 18
Mme Shannon Wismer French Immersion Grade 2 17
Mme Sylvie Ingram French Immersion Grade 2/3 16
Mme Jill Arseneau French Immersion Grade 3 15
Mme Julie Buffett French Immersion Grade 4/5 14
Mme Chelsea Ingham French Immersion Grade 4/5 13
Mme Vanessa Richards French Immersion Grade 4/5 14
Mme Janet Beattie French Immersion Kindergarten 20
Mme Nicole Longpré French Learning Support Services (LSS)
Mme Nicole Balston Grade 2 English and French Immersion 07 17
Mme Deanna Schwab Library Learning Commons / French Immersion Grade 3 15
Mrs. Naomi Unrau Physical and Health Education N/A
Ms. Sherry Nevalainen Physical Education Teacher N/A


Name Position Email
Ms. Chelsea Scott District Elementary Counselor

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Mrs. Amanpreet Dhaliwal Head Custodian
Mrs. Wenonah Justin Cultural Support Worker
Mrs. Bronwyn Nelson Cultural Support Worker
Ms. Christina Eckstein Custodian
Mrs. Surinder Hari Educational Assistant
Mrs. Jagandeep Janda Educational Assistant
Mrs. Sarah Kamp Educational Assistant
Mr. Robert Korytniak Educational Assistant
Mrs. Ellen Krilow Educational Assistant
Mrs. Kim MacDonald Educational Assistant
Mrs. Hali Norburn Educational Assistant
Ms. Lisa Pagotto Educational Assistant
Ms. Sue Randhawa Educational Assistant
Ms. Jennifer Smith Educational Assistant
Ms. Katrina Vanderzwan Educational Assistant
Ms. Corrine Webster Educational Assistant
Ms. Sarahlynn Zimmerman Educational Assistant
Mr. Kyle Stark Itinerant Child Worker
Ms. Debra Sherman School Psychologist
Mrs. Bonita Klassen Secretary
Mrs. Michelle Pratt Senior Clerical
Mrs. Tessa Leitner Strong Start Director
Mr. Keith Service Youth Care Worker